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If you’re curious about how speaking can propel your book sales to the next level and be a real game changer for you as an author, I’m delighted that you’re here. I know first-hand what getting out there and speaking can accomplish, and I’m excited to help you explore how you can harness its power, too.

I’ve put together a guide that will walk you through the basics, so you have a solid foundation from which to consider all the possibilities. You can download your guide below. There’s no charge. It’s my way of thanking you for stopping by and being open to learning more about professional speaking and the doors it can open for you.

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How to Sell More Books Through Speaking


In this guide I'll show you:

  • Specifically how a speaking career can catapult your book sales
  • Simple steps for connecting with the public and increasing your visibility
  • Tips to get your speaking career rolling
Jodee Blanco

About Jodee Blanco

The founder and CEO of The Jodee Blanco Group, a consulting and curriculum development company, Jodee is an expert on how to successfully leverage the matrix of public speaking, publishing and public relations to take one’s life or career to a whole new level. Often referred to as a “force of nature” by those who’ve worked with her, Jodee never looks at why something can’t be done; instead she culls her considerable resources, honed over thirty-plus years of accomplishment in all three fields, to figure out how it can be done.

Services for Authors

The Jodee Blanco Group offers in-person consulting, training, coaching, speaker platform development, and writing and creation of pitch materials. We also offer consulting via phone and Skype. For more information, please visit my website.

If you would like to shedule a session with me, please email me at and I'll set up a time for us to talk so I can get to know you and your goals.

Have I Sparked Your Interest About Becoming a Speaker?

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